Rugs - Hand Tufted

Rimo specialise in producing custom carpets and rugs in various qualities and also in different constructions.

One of the most popular methods is to use the hand tufted method of making a carpet.  This entails tracing the design onto a polyester fabric which has been stretched tight across a frame.  The polyester fabric becomes the primary backing into which the yarn is fired through using an electric tufting gun.

The method is a little like painting by numbers, tufting the yarn, in the required colours, into each area as dictated by the design.

Once the tufting is completed, a coating of latex is applied to the back of the carpet, which when dried binds the tufts to give the carpet strength.  A secondary Cotton backing is added to give extra stability and also provides the carpet with a very smart, finished appearance.

The pile is quite rough at this point so the carpet is sheared by hand to give a lovely polished finish.  Depending upon the type of carpet, carving may be required which is done by hand using scissors.  Light carving just keeps the change between colours nice and sharp with deeper carving providing a more sculptured appearance.

This hand tufted construction allows a carpet to be made with a sharp finish, but also allows the carpet to be cut and installed as a wall to wall carpet or fitted into a well in the floor, the pile weight is normally around 2.75 kilos of yarn per sq. m. which is perfect for commercial projects as well as private residences.

Any of our designs can be adapted to be made in the hand tufted construction.

We work with various producers who all make qualities which give an individual appearance, from quite simply simple qualities in Wool, made in India, right through to the Ultra fine hand tufted qualities more associated with China and Thailand.

We do not work with buying agents, who might try and control where our carpets are made.  These agents can offer a good service for some types of larger production, however we need to have more direct contact.

Rimo only work with a small number of specialist producers, who understand us and whom we have known for many years.  We travel over to India, China and Nepal on a regular basis to ensure that we develop our business and products, constantly trying to improve the services we offer to our customers.

We know the producers, we know the working conditions and that the high standards we require are maintained.