RIMO are committed to ensuring that high standards are met with respect to good working conditions, fair wages and guaranteeing that no child labour takes place. As a result of their continued obligation to these standards they were the first company in the UK to import and sell Nepalese rugs bearing the RugMark label.

RugMark is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a better life for thousands of children working illegally in the rug industry across South Asia. Obtaining the RugMark approval therefore not only emphasises Rimo's commitment to ensuring decent working conditions but also gives clients the reassurance that there has been no exploitation in the manufacture of their rug.

In addition to working with RugMark, Rimo runs its own corporate responsibility program in the rug-making region of the Himalayas. The program provides funding for toilets and washing facilities for small village schools, helping to stop the spread of infection. Rimo are dedicated in maintaining the strong relationships with the community and plan to continue their support for many years.

We welcomed the introduction of RugMark's new GoodWeave label in September 2009, which reflects a broader set of social and environmental standards. For more information on the fantastic work being done please visit or