Production Gallery

Every hand knotted rug is hand washed.

Our orders being hand knotted in Nepal.

Our orders being hand knotted in Nepal - 2

The work that goes into making the perfect rug - full sized and reduced scale artwork for every order


More Washing

Traditional Hand Knotting

Custom Hand Knotted Production


Packing and Despatch (img_8775)

Tools of the Trade (img_8758)

Wool and Silk Texture (img_2459)

Wool and Silk Hand Knotted (img_2458)

Rimo Design (img_1911)

Rimo Finished Rug (img_1907)

Carving Detail (img_1612)

Yarn Processing (img_0868)

Yarn (img_0867)

Colour Mixing (img_0865)

Yarn Dyeing (img_0860)

Dye Process (img_0859)

Dye Vat (img_0858)

Knotting (img_0793)

Washing (img_0736)

Washing Process (img_0735)

Paddles (img_0732)

Stretching (img_0673)

Drying Tibetan Wool (img_0663)

Cutting the Thread (img_0571)

Compacting the Pile (img_0570)

Knotting onto the Warp (img_0568)

Hand Knotting (img_0566)

Stock Yarns (img_0233)

Yarn Store (img_0232)

Tufting (img_0221)

Large Tufing Frame (img_0194)

Fine Carving (img_0177)

Clipping and Fine Carving (img_0174)

Initial Finishing (img_0172)

Rug Design Templated onto Primary Backing Ready for Tufting (img_0160)

More Yarn Being Dyed (img_0141)

Yarn Being Dyed (img_0130)

Final Inspection (img_0084)