Production Gallery

RIMO only work with producers we know - we don’t use production agents. We are confident in our knowledge of how, where and in what conditions our rugs are made.

We have built up long-standing relationships, over many years of working in the high quality custom rug business, with the companies who make our rugs for us. Images of how our rugs are made can be seen by clicking on the “Gallery” tab and selecting the “Production Gallery” heading.

Having visited India and Nepal, many times over the past 20 years, we have learnt much about these amazing countries and the following images are photographs we have taken during our visits.

We hope you will find these images interesting and that they will give you a feel about the fascinating places where we make our rugs.

1. Design Mapping

2. Hand Tufting Template

3. Bottles of Coloured Dyes

4. Dye Vat

5. Yarns just out of the dye vat

6. More yarn dying

7. Yarn dying in Nepal

8. Yarn storage

9. Dyed yarns

9.1 Hand spun dyed yarns

10. Tufting in production

11. Tufting by hand

12. Hand knotting loom

13. Tools of the trade

14. Skilled artisans at work

15. Hand knotting

16. Hand knotting in Nepal

17. Washing

18. Paddling during washing

19. More washing

20. More paddling

21. More paddling during washing

22. Shearing

23. Part of the finishing process

24. Shear the pile

25. Hand shearing

26. Hand carving

27. More caving by hand

28. Rugs being dried in the sunshine

29. Final Inspection

30. Wrapping for shipping

Every hand knotted rug is hand washed.

Our orders being hand knotted in Nepal.

Our orders being hand knotted in Nepal - 2

The work that goes into making the perfect rug - full sized and reduced scale artwork for every order


More Washing

Traditional Hand Knotting

Custom Hand Knotted Production


Packing and Despatch (img_8775)

Tools of the Trade (img_8758)

Wool and Silk Texture (img_2459)

Wool and Silk Hand Knotted (img_2458)

Rimo Design (img_1911)

Rimo Finished Rug (img_1907)

Carving Detail (img_1612)

Yarn Processing (img_0868)

Yarn (img_0867)

Colour Mixing (img_0865)

Yarn Dyeing (img_0860)

Dye Process (img_0859)

Dye Vat (img_0858)

Knotting (img_0793)

Washing (img_0736)

Washing Process (img_0735)

Paddles (img_0732)

Stretching (img_0673)

Drying Tibetan Wool (img_0663)

Cutting the Thread (img_0571)

Compacting the Pile (img_0570)

Knotting onto the Warp (img_0568)

Hand Knotting (img_0566)

Stock Yarns (img_0233)

Yarn Store (img_0232)

Tufting (img_0221)

Large Tufing Frame (img_0194)

Fine Carving (img_0177)

Clipping and Fine Carving (img_0174)

Initial Finishing (img_0172)

Rug Design Templated onto Primary Backing Ready for Tufting (img_0160)

More Yarn Being Dyed (img_0141)

Yarn Being Dyed (img_0130)

Final Inspection (img_0084)