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As a company, Rimo are members of GoodWeave, in addition to which we always try to ensure that our producers' employees enjoy good working conditions where our rugs are made within the Kathmandu Valley.





Rimo Schools Project

We are also involved in a long term Schools Project in Nepal where we fund and oversee the construction of toilet blocks and washing facilities for small village schools in the foothills of the Himalayas. We are committed to this long term project and will continue helping the health and education of the children in these remote villages.




Why Nepal?

Nepal is a beautifully magical country, however over recent years it has been gripped by an internal conflict between Government forces and Maoist insurgents. Many thousands of Nepalese people have lost their lives and due to the conflict, many more have been forced to move from their villages into the Kathmandu Valley. With many of our hand knotted rugs being produced in Nepal, we wanted to invest in a project which directly helped smaller Nepalese villages outside the Kathmandu Valley.

As a result of the devastating earthquakes which hit Nepal earlier this year, Rimo has increased its planned project of works with the local schools.  Rimo has committed to rebuild the damaged toilet blocks and washing facilities and provide further villages with the vital funding and help they will need to build new toilet and hand washing blocks for the school children.

To try and put the events of this year into perspective, here are some of the facts of the Nepal Earthquakes of 2015

First Earthquake – 11.56am on Saturday 25th April with a Magnitude of 7.8

As of 31st October 2015 there have been 406 after-shocks with a Magnitude of 4 or above

Over 9,000 people lost their lives

Over 23,000 people were injured

The Earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing 19 people and making 25th April the deadliest day on the Mountain in history

Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless and entire villages were flattened

Many UNESCO World Heritage sites were destroyed

This was a poor, simple country before this devastating natural disaster, it now faces many years of hardship trying to recover.


Why do Rimo help village schools?

When we visited the first school in Lakhuri in 2003, there were no toilets or washing facilities and illness would spread quickly through the school.  The school was in a poor state and less than 50 pupils were in attendance. With our investment the health and wellbeing of the children has improved and the number of children in regular attendance is now over 200. Incredibly some of these children walk for up to two hours, to and from school, each day.

Rimo Designs are a small company and therefore do not have an unlimited budget for this type of work,.  In helping these village schools we hope that we might, in a small way, improve the levels of education and health of the children therefore increasing their chances of being able to  raise their standard of living and that of their families.


We hope this small selection of images gives you a flavour of our work in Nepal.